Nov 112016

Growing Catasetums, featuring Mark Margolis

Mark Margolis

Mark Margolis

Mark Margolis, Brooklyn born in 1951.  Received my Bachelor of Science at University of Wisconsin. Masters degree at Barry University. Taught Science in Dade County Public schools for over 30 years. Married for 20 years and counting, I have a daughter, Caroline, 14 years old. I was introduced to orchids by Phylis Lerner, who made the famous cross Catasetum Raymond Lerner. And while touring Jones & Scully, fell in love with the Catasetum group. 36 years later I am still in love with the group. I am a backyard grower in Kendall and I have received over 80 awards for my plants.  Still hoping for more.

Mark will share his passion and extensive knowledge of his favorite orchids with us in our next meeting, November 16th. He will bring some of his plants for private sales.

The raffle plants will be provided by OFE Orchid Supplies. And they will try to bring some catasetums in the mix.

We will have a silent auction, so bring your plant for sale.