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An Introduction to Orchids

A Guide to Orchid Growing in the Subtropics
(Third edition, completely revised)

New in 2005, this completely revised third edition includes chapters written by some of South Florida ’s most respected orchid experts. It is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of stunning full-color photographs by award-winning photographers Greg Allikas, Larry Johnson and more. 128 pages, with a Foreword by Mary Noble McQuerry. Edited by Julie Rosenberg.

ISBN 0-9679831-1-8

Greg Allikas

(The Potting Workshop CD: Potting and Mounting)
  Dorothy Bennett
(Judging Chair, 19WOC: Judging and Exhibition)
  Lynn Bretsnyder
(Impact Orchids: Growing Dendrobiums)
  Ken Cameron
(Redland Orchids: Caring for Seedlings)
  Milton Carpenter
(Everglades Orchids: Growing the Oncidiinae)
  Andy Easton
(K-B Orchids: Cymbidiums for Florida)
  Robert Fuchs
(R.F. Orchids: Growing Vandas, Orchids in the Landscape)
  Catharine Mannion, Ph.D.
(University of Florida TREC: Orchid Pests)
  Robert T. McMillan, Jr., Ph.D.
(University of Florida TREC: Orchid Diseases)
  Francisco Miranda
(Miranda Orchids: Growing Catasetums)
  Gene Monnier
(JEM Orchids: Growing Ladyslippers)
  William Peters
(Whimsy Orchids: Growing Cattleyas, Growing Tolumnias)
  Robert Randall
(Carib Plants: Growing Phalaenopsis)
  Kerry Richards
(A World of Orchids: Terrestrial Orchids)
  Ruben P. Sauleda, Ph.D.
(Ruben In Orchids: General Orchid Culture, Native Florida Orchids)


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