Jun 122016


South Florida Orchid Society’s Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony

This month we take time out to honor our members who have been the most successful growers during the past year.
We’ll also be swearing in our Officers and Board of Directors for the coming year.

There will be no plant judging this month!

However, we will be having our usual monthly plant raffle with plants courtesy of Dan & Margie Orchids. A big THANK YOU to Dan Christensen for providing raffle plants this month and for being such a great president and show director!

And, of course we’ll have plenty of food and refreshments!

May 072016
Carlos A. Cahiz

Carlos A. Cahiz

Carlos A. Cahiz is the oldest son of Carlos and Teresa Cahiz. Carlos was born in Valencia, Venezuela. He went to the University of Kansas where he graduated in 1989.

Carlos joined the family business, OFE Orchid Supplies in 1990, and has been with the company since. One of his first test as manager was to deal with the devastation from Hurricane Andrew.

OFE showroom

OFE Orchid Supplies Showroom

He has recently been more involved with the local orchid community, and has been on the board of the South Florida Orchid Society for the last 6 years.

Carlos shares his West Kendall Miami home with his wife Amanda and their son. They share their home with various adopted dogs, birds, and turtles.

With a small orchid collection of around 300 plants, Carlos favors any plant that produces a nice fragrance, or has unusual characteristics.

His growing philosophy can be distilled into two thoughts: (KISS) Keep It Simple Son. And,
Learn to look and listen to your plants. They will tell you, and show you what they like.

Carlos’ lecture will be “A brief explanation of the more popular orchid products and other choices available for South Florida orchid growing.”

OFE International Orchid Supplies will be providing plants for our raffle table this month

We will also be voting on our proposed slate of officers and board members for the upcoming year. It’s important that all members attend and cast their vote.

In addition our SFOS judges will be present to look your plants over for ribbons and possibly other awards. And, of course, we’ll have plenty of refreshments.

Remember, guests are always welcome at our meetings!

Apr 082016

Ramnarine John Budree –“Bulbophyllums”

Ramnarine John Budree, was born in Trinidad and migrated to Florida about fourteen some years ago. In Trinidad he grew many different types of orchids and took part in collecting and showing at many shows, but there was always something more. He wanted to learn more about orchids, wanted more of a challenge. He wanted to grow and flower them, of course.  So when he came to Florida, he got involved with orchids on a different level. Here he was able to grow all of those types of plants he could only read about and even meet all of those people that grew and wrote the articles that he had read in AOS magazines.

Carmella FLOS 2016 a

So he started on his journey/adventure. He started to go to many of the shows and what you do when you go to a show, YOU BUY ORCHIDS, which you know nothing about, in the hope you can grow or flower it [yea right]. He always liked Paphiopedilum but he was told he couldn’t grow them. This became a challenge to John and he found these plants very interesting as well. He met some of the biggest and the best at growing orchids, Jack Schendowich, Warren Kelly {Orchid World}, Bob Skully {Jones & Skully}, Mr. Frank Smith {Krull-Smith} and Sheldon Takasaki {Carmela Orchids}. These people really know how to grow orchids but not just orchids, Paphiopedilum, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Oncidium, e.g.. Krull Smith has more AOS awards than any other orchid grower past or present.

At the 19 WOC., in Miami, in 2008,  John had an opportunity to work with Frank Smith, a excellent grower and very experienced Paph. grower. He tried to absorb as much of Frank Smith’s knowledge as possible, and did an exhibit on his own. After that, he started to grow many types of Paphs. and today he owns over 1750 as well as about 2000 other types of orchids. Of course, he says, he has also lost count of the ones he killed. In short he have been growing Orchids for about 30 years, from flask to flower and has accumulated about 36 AOS awards.

RF Orchids will be providing plants for our raffle table this month.


Mar 122016
Paul and Mary Storm, “The Fantastic Variety of Schom Hybrids”

Paul & Mary Strong

Paul and Mary Storm are hobbyists who have a passion for anything “SCHOMBO” and their nursery in Sarasota, Florida holds what is believed to be the largest collection of Schombo-Laelia and Myrmecophila species and hybrids anywhere.

Paul and Mary are proud that they have been at the forefront of the increasing popularity of Schoms and Schom-Hybrids for almost twenty years. Paul and Mary intend that their programs are entertaining as well as informational and they invite the audience to interact with them.

Paul was a featured presenter at the Mid-America Winter Orchid Conference in Ohio a few years ago, as well as at the Symposium on Orchid Species sponsored by the Coalition on Species at Fairchild Gardens in Miami, the Merritt Huntington Symposium, and the Orchid Extravaganza in Aruba/Curacao.

Paul is the botanical author of several RHS accepted nothogenera and the RHS Registrar has created Stormara, Paulstormara , and Marystormara as new orchid genera. In addition, a few orchid nurseries and hybridizers have registered schombo-hybrids after Paul in honor of Meke Aloha’s “Schombo-Mission”


The Storms will provide plants for our raffle table as well as having plants to sell.
(There will be no members auction this month)
Visit their website at (www.mekealohaorchids.com) to see photos of their plants and to pre-order.
(Please note: Cash and checks only, No credit cards.)
Jan 152016

Yvette Cano began her affinity with Everglades National Park as a young student; today she is the Education Specialist for the park’s environmental education program and supervises the very program that she was a part of as a student. Following her true passion, Yvette started her career as an elementary school teacher and after 13 years in the classroom she had the opportunity to take the teaching outdoors, a dream come true!

Born and raised in South Florida, Yvette has a very special place in her heart for everything Florida, especially the outdoors. Today, she will showcase that passion as she shares the value of Everglades National Park, its priceless biological diversity, and the importance it all serves to the people of South Florida.

Yvette Cano Picture

Yvette Cano

Nov 052015
Tom Kuligowski

Tom Kuligowski

Our speaker for this month, Tom Kuligowski, is an avid orchid grower specializing in angraecums. He is also an award-winning photographer with over 45 years of experience. In addition he runs a great information web site on angraecums (www.angraecums.blogspot.com).

Angraecums tend to be known for their beautiful, showy flowers, many of which are fragrant at night. Some can even become fantastic specimen plants in just a couple of years. With both species and several sought after hybrids, angraecums offer some unique shapes along with the most pristine whites of any orchids. Please note that not all are large and showy; some can be quite compact and make great windowsill plants. An amazing fact most people are not aware of is that they can thrive in South Florida sub-tropical weather or just as easily on a windowsill in the not so warm north if given the chance.

This presentation will provide both hobbyist and serious growers with fundamental guidelines on how to grow these beauties successfully and in turn grace you with years of enjoyment. All of the photography within the presentation are of plants from Tom collection. Many of them showing the various growth stages (from seedlings to first time bloomers to specimen plants). So let’s give Tom a big South Florida Orchid Society welcome.

Jorge Merlo
SFOS Program Director

We will also once again be having our popular silent auction. In addition, Tom will have some angraecoids for sale.

Dan & Margie Orchids will be providing plants for our raffle table this month.

Last, but not least, be sure to sign up for our annual Holiday party! All the details are in the menu below.


Oct 122015
Rafael Romero

Rafael Romero

What a time to be an orchid nut in South Florida. The 69th Miami International Orchid Show has just ended and once again, the South Florida Orchid Society brings you a well-known international speaker.

Rafael Romero, was born in Caracas, Venezuela and graduated as a biologist from the Universidad Simon Bolivar. He began working with orchids in 1986 with his father in law, Henrique Graf, owner of Plantio La Orquidea, the largest orchid nursery in Venezuela.

Together with his wife, Rafael started a laboratory at Plantio La Orquidea in 1986 where they produce the species and hybrids for which they are well known. They moved to Sarasota in 2003 and established a 10,000 sq. ft. nursery featuring a many of the species and hybrids they produced in Venezuela as well as interesting species and hybrids from around the world.

So sit back and enjoy this special talk entitled “Orchids Tales”. Rafael will also be sharing his knowledge and experiences as well as answering questions.

In addition, Rafael will have a fine selection of orchids available for sale.

OFE International will be providing plants for our raffle table this month.
We will also be once again be having our popular silent auction!

Reminder: If you plan to bring plants for judging, be sure to have them registered no later than 7:30PM. This gives our team of judges time to properly evaluate your plants and present them for award photography. It also allows our judges to see this months program which starts at 8:00PM.