Jul 092014

Dr. Catharine Mannion will present tonight’s program.

Dr. Catharine Mannion

Dr. Catharine Mannion

Catharine is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist with the University of Florida, Tropical Research and Education Center (T.R.E.C). Catharine will present a program on “Insect and mite pests of orchids.”

Catharine is responsible for developing a research and extension program on integrated pest management of ornamental plants with an emphasis on invasive pests.  Her research has focused on the biology and management of several introduced pests such as whiteflies, scales, thrips and weevils.

Catharine received a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, a M.S. degree in Entomology from North Carolina State University, and a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida.

This will be a very informative program for anyone that grows orchids.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

 We will be meeting in the Red Room because Ludder Hall is undergoing maintenance this month.  

Jun 092014

Our June meeting will start with the Installation of our new officers and directors and the presentation of trophies for our award winners.

Then we will have a wonderful program presented by Tom Harper of Stones River Orchids in Tennessee. Tom’s program is titled “12 Most Important Phalaenopsis Species.”

Tom began growing orchids on a windowsill in 1967.  By 1975, he had registered his first orchid hybrid and founded Stones River Orchids as a business. A long-time supporter of the Mid-America Orchid Congress, Tom served as its President, Vice-President and Mid-American Editor (the MAOC newsletter). Tom is also a founding member of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance (IPA) in 1989 and has served in many responsible positions including Vice President, President, and IPA Journal contributor on many occasions. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors as the Immediate Past President of theAlliance and is the Southeast Region 13 Representative.  He has been an active member in the Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee since 1967 serving as President, Vice President, and Trustee.

Tom assisted in writing and editing the Phalaenopsis species section of the soft cover Ortho book entitled Complete Guide to Orchids. He has written several articles on Phalaenopsis for Orchids, Orchid Digest and the IPA Journal.  He has traveled coast to coast and internationally speaking on various aspects of Phalaenopsis. Tom lectured at the 16th World Orchid Conference in 1996 in Brazil and the 19th WOC in January 2008 in Miami.  Additionally, he was invited to speak in March 2005 and again in 2007 at the Taiwan International Orchid Show and Symposium in Hsinying, Taiwan, Republic of China. He returned to Taiwan in 2010 and plans to travel there again soon. Most recently, he spoke at the 15th Annual International Phalaenopsis Alliance meeting in theUnited Kingdom in June 2009.

In 2008, Tom received his first FCC/AOS on Dtps. Brother Success, ‘Laura’ (The highest award given by the American Orchid Society) at the Heart of Dixie Show inHuntsville,Alabama.  He has been an accredited American Orchid Society judge since 1984 and is based in theAtlantaJudgingCenter.

Tom will be providing the plants for the raffle table and will also have Phalies (unusual mericlones and some species) for sale.


We look forward to see you at the meeting.

Apr 302014

Andrea Niessen will present our program tonight entitled “The Pacific Coast from Colombia and its Orchids.” Andrea states, “The Colombian Pacific Coast is one of the Biodiversity Hotspots of the world. The variety of Orchids is tremendous and many are still undescribed. I am going to show various aspects of this rain forest, how the orchids grow in nature and how they have adapted to this area including the island Gorgona which use to be a Prison Island and is now a National Park.”

Andrea Niessen was born in Cali, Colombia to a German family. She received her high school degree from the Cali German School and was an exchange student in Claremont, California where she graduated again at the St. Lucy´s Priory High School. She went on to earn a Biology degree with an emphasis in Botany at the Universidad del Valle, Cali. Andrea then earned a Master´s of Science with a major in Electron Microscopy and minor in Virology from the University of Florida in Gainesville USA. She worked as a research associate at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in the Pastures Entomology Department and later in the Virology Unit. She has been a dedicated hobby Orchid grower all of her life. Andrea has served as a board member and president (1992-1997) of the local orchid Society, Asociación Vallecaucana de Orquideología and judge of the Colombian Orchid Committee.

Andrea has lectured about Colombian Orchids in Colombia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Nederland, Singapore and Germany. With her husband Juan Carlos Uribe, she has maintained her own orchid nursery since 1989. ORQUIDEAS DEL VALLE LTDA, which has grown to include two retail shops, one in downtown Cali and the other in the town of Ginebra, two nurseries, one warm growing and the other for cool growing plants and laboratory facilities for seed flasking. ORQUIDEAS DEL VALLE LTDA has attended many National and International Shows and also six World Orchid Conferences and European Orchid Conferences exhibiting and selling the beautiful and diverse orchid species from Colombia.

ORQUIDEAS DEL VALLE LTDA will provide plants for our raffle table.


Apr 082014

Our April Program will be presented by George Carr and is titled “The Genus Catasetum – weird and wonderful.” George is an accredited American Orchid Society Judge in the Florida North Central Judging Center in Tampa, Florida and has been growing orchids for 35 years. His interest in the genus Cycnoches began in 1993 when he requested to do his research paper on the genus for his Student Judge requirement. His paper, Cycnoches – One Hundred Sixty-five Years of Confusion was completed and presented in 1995 and in 1996 the paper was awarded the first American Orchid Society Education Certificate of Appreciation. In 2003, George was named as an accepted American Orchid Society taxonomic authority on the Catasetinae specializing in Cycnoches.

George has published some 35 articles in the United States in Orchids and the Orchid Digest, Brazil, France in Richardiana, England in the Orchid Reviewand Colombia. His most recent paper on Cycnoches and hybrids of the genus was published in a supplement to the October 2012 issue of the American Orchid Society magazine Orchids.

George is retired but stays busy with his research and writings about the Catasetinae and other orchids. He has a blog on the Catasetinae, http://catasetinae5.blogspot.com, where, from time to time, he publishes articles with photographs of plants and flowers which interest him and which he hopes will interest others. We hope you will join us for this very interesting presentation.


Amazonia Orchids will provide the plant table tonight.


Apr 082014

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and haven’t been updating the site in a timely manor. My apologies!


Feb 282014


Roger Hammer will present our March program, which is titled, “Wild Orchids of Florida”. Roger retired in 2010 from Miami Dade Parks Department where he was the senior naturalist. He is a part-time instructor and fieldtrip leader for Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens and serves on the Board of Directors for Tropical Audubon Society. Roger also has an Honorary Doctor of Science from Florida International University.

Roger was the Keynote Speaker at the 19th World Orchid Conference in 2008 and the Opening Ceremony Speaker at the 11th World Orchid Conference in 1984, both held in Miami. He was the Keynote Speaker at the 2009 Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden annual meeting. Roger has received numerous awards including the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award, Charles Brookfield Medal, Green Palmetto Award in Education and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dade Chapter- Florida Native Plant Society, Tropical Audubon Society, & Miami Blue Chapter – North American Butterfly Association.

Roger is also a prolific author and will have his books at the meeting to sell (cash or checks only). We hope you will join us for this very special program.


Dendrophylax lindenii

Dendrophylax lindenii © Roger Hammer 




Please bring your friends; guests are always welcome at our meetings.

Dan & Margie Orchids will provide plants for our raffle table


Dec 202013

Our January 2014 speaker will be Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids in North Carolina. Linda will present a program titled, “The Magnificent Stanhopeas”a discussion of species and hybrids of the genus and how to grow them.

Linda Wilhelm started growing orchids in 1980 after a vacation inFloridawith her mother. Already intrigued by orchids, she finally bought a small cattleya seedling, not knowing at the time that it would take seven or eight years to get a bloom. It was the beginning of an addiction. After meeting her future husband, Rolf in 1985, the addiction became severe when he too got involved with orchids.

When the hobby got out of hand and developed into a serious passion for both Linda and Rolf, they started their business Woodland Orchids. They specialize in breeding warm tolerant Oncidiinae (several of their new hybrids have received awards from the AOS), compact cattleyas and also line breed a number of different species and have made some wonderful Stanhopea hybrids.

An Accredited Judge with the AOS, Linda is very active in the judging program, having served in various positions with the CarolinasJudgingCenterincluding the job of the Training Coordinator, 5 years as the Chair of the Center and six years as a Trustee for the American Orchid Society. She enjoys being involved in shows outside her region, including offshore shows in the islands. “It offers such an opportunity to see a different variety of orchids as well as an opportunity to extend my group of friends.” She is a frequent guest speaker at orchid societies all over the USA as well as Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados and Guatemala.

We hope you will join us for this wonderful program.

Dec 112013

There has been a change in the date for the SFOS Holiday Party. The party will be held on Thursday, December 19th, 2014. The party will be at the same place, Macaroni Grill, 12100 SW 88th St., Miami, FL 33186. The party will start at 7:30PM. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will be able to join us.

Carlos Cahiz
President, SFOS 
Nov 222013

After careful consideration the SFOS Board of Directors have decided to change our Holiday party venue to better accommodate all of our guests.

The price is the same as last year: $10.00 for members, $15.00 for guests.

The date will be December 19th, which is our regular meeting night, at 7:30pm. The new venue is Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 12100 SW. 88th Street (Kendall Dr.). The restaurant is just a couple of minutes west of the turnpike.

We have included a copy of their menu for our event. You have a choice of 2 salads and 10 different entrees. The price also includes soft drinks or ice tea with free refills. Wine and alcoholic drinks will be cash bar only and every guest will receive a separate check for their consumption. For dessert, we will bring a nice holiday cake.

Please contact Ellen at our office, 305-255-3656, to make arrangements.

Seating is limited and we need to provide a total number of guests to the restaurant at least 48 hours before the event. If last year’s party is any indication space will quickly fill so do not wait too long to make your reservations. We hope to see you there!