Membership Application


The South Florida Orchid Society
Membership Application

Date: ____________________

Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________

Name of Applicant’s Spouse: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________
(CITY)         (STATE)            (ZIP)

Email: _________________   Phone: ___________________________________
(HOME)             (BUSINESS)

Occupation: _______________________________________________________
(PRESENT)                 (IF RETIRED, FORMER)

Business Address: __________________________________________________
(CITY)         (STATE)

Do you grow orchids as a hobby? ________  Profession: ___________________

Are you interested in Orchid Education Courses? _________________________

Are you a member of the American Orchid Society? _______________________

Application received from: ___________________________________________

Singles – Calendar Year Dues: $30.00
Two in Family – Calendar Year Dues: $40.00
Add $15.00 for foreign air mail.

Check for membership payable to South Florida Orchid Society.
Enclosed: $___________

Mail application and check to:

South Florida Orchid Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 328615
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33332