Jul 092016
John Odom — Odom’s Orchids

John Odom graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in agriculture. John worked in citrus management for Cassens Grove Service in the Indian River area for twelve years and then went to work for Rohm and Haas in agricultural sales for twelve years.  He then joined Ocean Spray Cranberries and retired after twenty years.

What started as a small back yard business grew to more than 90,000 square feet of greenhouse. Odom’s Orchids, Inc.is one of the top retail shippers in the United States. Odom’s has many types of orchids, but the Cattleya orchid is John’s absolute favorite! He has a lab and do many of our own crosses, always looking for that special flower that no one else owns!

For years, John was involved in teaching beginners orchid classes and various talks at orchid societies, and garden clubs. John’s enjoys orchids so much that he wanted to share knowledge with other growers; that started the annual Odom’s Cattleya Symposium. The symposium, which is now in it’s sixth year, is recognized as one of the premier events in the orchid world.

Odom Orchids has been a supporter of our Annual Shows for many years. Odom Orchids is only a 2 1/2 hours drive north of the Miami area and is very easy to find

John’s topic tonight is “Best Catts of 2013 from each Judging Center.”

Odom Orchids will kindly be providing plants for our raffle table
and will also have plants for sale!


There will be no silent auction this month.


  • 7:00PM Doors open. Plant judging registration begins.
  • 7:30PM Plant registration ends. Plant judging begins.
  • 8:00PM Program begins.

If you are bringing plants for judging, please have them registered by 7:30PM. No plants will be accepted for judging after that time. This allows our judges time to properly evaluate your plants and also allows them to enjoy the main program with you.

Remember to have your plants cleaned and properly presented. They should be free of debris, insects, spider webs, etc. Although not absolutely necessary, leaves should be wiped with either Leafshine or a little milk and water solution. This makes for a much better presentation and will show when the plants are photographed.