Nov 052015
Tom Kuligowski

Tom Kuligowski

Our speaker for this month, Tom Kuligowski, is an avid orchid grower specializing in angraecums. He is also an award-winning photographer with over 45 years of experience. In addition he runs a great information web site on angraecums (

Angraecums tend to be known for their beautiful, showy flowers, many of which are fragrant at night. Some can even become fantastic specimen plants in just a couple of years. With both species and several sought after hybrids, angraecums offer some unique shapes along with the most pristine whites of any orchids. Please note that not all are large and showy; some can be quite compact and make great windowsill plants. An amazing fact most people are not aware of is that they can thrive in South Florida sub-tropical weather or just as easily on a windowsill in the not so warm north if given the chance.

This presentation will provide both hobbyist and serious growers with fundamental guidelines on how to grow these beauties successfully and in turn grace you with years of enjoyment. All of the photography within the presentation are of plants from Tom collection. Many of them showing the various growth stages (from seedlings to first time bloomers to specimen plants). So let’s give Tom a big South Florida Orchid Society welcome.

Jorge Merlo
SFOS Program Director

We will also once again be having our popular silent auction. In addition, Tom will have some angraecoids for sale.

Dan & Margie Orchids will be providing plants for our raffle table this month.

Last, but not least, be sure to sign up for our annual Holiday party! All the details are in the menu below.