Jul 132015

This month we’re presenting a special culture program with tips on how to get the most enjoyment from your orchids.

Our program includes…

Potting Media and Insecticides by Carlos Cahiz

Jorge Merlo– program undetermined at press time.

Vandeceous Orchids, culture and growing tips by Dan Christensen

You won’t want to miss this informative program!

Also, we will be having a Silent Auction this month

Here are the details…

Last month our board approved silent auctions to be conducted during our monthly meetings, when the visiting speaker does not provide plants for sale. These silent auctions are very successful and accepted by the membership at other societies. The rules are very simple and meant to facilitate and ease the whole process for everybody involved.

These are the rules:

Silent Orchid Auction is a society’s benefit exclusive to current members of SFOS to sell their plants at our meetings. Limited to 2 orchid plants per member. Members and/or guests can bid on any of the plants on auction. The donation to the SFOS after the auction will be 10% commission (minimum $1, commission rounded to nearest whole dollar) on the final auction price. For example: if a plant sales for $10.00, the commission will be $1.00. If the plant sells for $15.00 the commission will be $2.00 and so on. Bring your plants so we can have a successful silent auction on our next meeting July 15th.