Jul 022012

What a meeting we had on June 20, 2012. Did you win a trophy, a raffle table plant, or did you get to buy a plant or two from H & R Nurseries?

If you didn’t get in on any of the above – then you either missed the meeting or you slept through it.

Let’s start at the beginning – yes, you might have had to brave the weather – but then the rain up my way stopped before I had to leave for the meeting. The traffic is always a night-mare! All in all we had a great turnout and saw some old friends (who have been missing for awhile).

We had some business to do – in the way of Installing the Officers and Directors for the year. Thank you Sandy Schultz, for doing that for us. Although, I for one can’t believe that you all wanted me to do this for another year. I guess you all have more faith than I do.

Then Bonnie Riley got to hand out the Medals won in 2011 – 2012, then the Annual Trophies (how did you like seeing the plaques and pictures on them?), then the take home Tro-phies, and then the Certificates for Out-standing Service and the Judging Committee. Bonnie has done an amazing job with the Judging and will be missed – but she is not off the hook – Erna Maxwell is taking over and will need her help. Thank you Bonnie!

Then I got to give the Committee Members and Board Members a Certificate of Appreciation and a little something from me. This SFOS Board of Directors is a special group of people and to say they are hard working – is an understatement! Thank you all, so very, very much for making my job easier.

By the time that was done – I think Roy Tokunaga was ready to get on a plane and head back to Hawaii. Roy had plants to sell and also provided the great raffle table. Not to mention his great program. Roy – to just say “Thank You” doesn’t seem to be enough. Just so you all know Roy gave back the Speakers Fee and the Raffle Table proceeds.

Did you get to the plant sales table Roy had? I did and found 2 things I just had to have. The Raffle Table had some great plants on it too – I got some – did you?

Don’t forget our next meeting is on July 18, 2012. We will be back to having judging – so get those plants ready! We don’t want to let Erna down. It’s the only way you can get in on the Trophies for next year.

We will be doing things a little different – in that when you bring refreshments you will get a ticket for a pick from the Raffle Table (refreshment tickets will be in a separate container – and it will be first pick). Everything else remains the same and the plants for judging need to be entered at 7:30 so judging can begin promptly at 7:45. Remember your refreshments, invite a guest (friend or foe) to come with you.

See you at the meeting.

Oh yes, were you expecting a puppy update – I still have three of them – getting bigger by the day.

If you are not going to be at the next meeting because you are on vacation – have a safe trip. And to Carol – who is having knee surgery – we wish you the best and a speedy recovery.